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Google and political ads, the Fed and inflation and the NFL Draft

In today’s newsletter, I discuss Google’s move to allow political advertising again, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s testimony tomorrow and an intriguing NFL Draft prospect.

MEDIA: Google and Political Ads

Axios is reporting that Google will again allow political ads on its platform after it stopped that kind of advertising last month following the January 6 insurrection in Washington.

According to Axios, Google will again accept political advertising beginning this Wednesday.

Pink's Bottom Line

Google — as well as Facebook — both stopped accepting political ads on their platforms at various times leading up to and after last year’s election.

As political advertising can be a significant driver of revenue for both Google and Facebook, the resumption of it on Google certainly is worth noting.

Expect, though, that Google will again make a move to pull political advertising quickly if any of these ads again appear to lead to misinformation or other social issues.

MONEY: Fed Chair Testimony

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will give his semiannual report on monetary policy to Congress beginning tomorrow.

Most expect Powell to reiterate the Fed’s accommodative monetary policy that’s been implemented during the pandemic.

Pink's Bottom Line

Importantly, expect Powell’s testimony also to address potential concerns about inflation and its impact on the nation’s economy.

As bond yields have climbed recently, some in the markets expect inflation soon to move noticeably higher, which could have negative implications for the economy.

If the coronavirus pandemic gets under control sooner than most expect and if the government’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package is also approved and implemented, that could potentially create an overheated economy, which many fear could lead to an inflationary environment.


With the NFL Draft beginning about two months from now, teams are evaluating key prospects, including quarterbacks.

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence will almost undoubtedly be the first pick in this year’s draft and expectations are that as many as three other quarterbacks — Ohio State’s Justin Fields, Brigham Young’s Zach Wilson and North Dakota State’s Trey Lance — could be chosen in the first ten picks.

Pink's Bottom Line

However, it’s another quarterback that I find the most intriguing, and that’s Alabama’s Mac Jones.

Jones led the Crimson Tide to a national title this year, and he threw 41 touchdown passes with only four interceptions this season.

Jones also completed 77% of his passes this year, and he has proven to be a very accurate passer, perhaps one of the important traits for any professional quarterback.

As such, I expect Jones to creep up the draft boards this April, and I suspect that he will also become a top ten pick when all is said and done.

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